life by design, not by default.         

life by design, not by default

    life by design, not by default.         

life by design, not by default

hello there

hi, i’m darrah! it’s my mission to help you live life by design, not default. 

the number one question i'm asked is, "how do you live the life you do?". because of that, i began sharing the tools, resources, methods, and mindsets i’ve used and learned to help me do it.  

if you are disenchanted with chasing other people's definitions of success, living on autopilot, or know there's something more than the tedium, but aren't sure what to do to design or access it, then i’m glad we’re connecting!

there’s no sense in my keeping these learnings to myself, so i’m here to help you shortcut my years of testing and help you create a life you love by sharing that knowledge. consider me a curator and connector of the resources you need.   

just about everything i offer is free! if this resonates with you, i encourage you to sign up for my emails where i will share everything i’ve learned to design an integrated life and career that i love, on my own terms. now it’s your turn to design the life you were meant to live!  

you might be curious what exactly it was i designed over that decade? 

-founded and grew an electronic payments company into 38 states (with my twin brother)

-launched a networking events company which now serves 30,000+ people

-created a 3-day virtual summit on lifestyle design that helped nearly 10,000 people

-regular contributing columnist  with forbesentrepreneur, and thrive global

-featured in 300+ media outlets like time, inc, cnn, huffington post, and mashable

-published a kids' book on financial literacy

-built a world-class network

-paid to speak to global audiences for clients like toyota 

-find myself in rooms like ted, the world economic forum, and the united nations

-travel for pleasure 60% of the year

-live between 2 cities (nyc and atlanta)

-read voraciously on a quest to always be learning

-started a movement of giving aiming to support 1,000,000 people

-practice daily meditation peppered in with acroyoga, pole dance, or anything else i choose to try

-have an incredible support network of friends

-in a meaningful, loving relationship  

care to know more of the backstory?

i’ve seen success in building businesses that support the life i want to live, are in alignment with my values, and allow me to use my gifts and skills to serve clients with whom i want to work. while these companies' core competencies vary, they all center around my core competency: connection. i love bringing people and ideas together, for the advancement of both.

in 2009, i started on my entrepreneurial journey founding equitable payments with my twin brother. we brought the unrepresented brokerage model to credit card processing to create honest and transparent options for businesses to accept credit card payments. we’ve been fortunate to grow into 38 states because of our relational approach and reliable solutions - which is not a small feat in this shady field. 

during this time, i saw a need for financial literacy education in general, but specifically for children to start early at forming positive money habits. as a writer, i wanted to help with this problem by creating a kids’ book series called finance whiz kids, which works with elementary-aged children to teach basic financial lessons through fun and engaging stories. along with the kid-friendly teachings, each book features an appendix to help adults institute the lessons into their homes with ease. as a result of this series, a career highlight was being invited to davos for the world economic forum’s annual meeting to represent about youth financial literacy.   


while growing these companies primarily through relationships, at the request of a friend for a place to go to make friends after college without getting hit on or sold to, i started network under 40. at our events, we mix business and pleasure, throwing out the conventional wisdom that says you have to change who you are to ‘be professional’. we’ve facilitated connections for over 30,000 people and currently operate in atlanta, baltimore, dc, nashville, austin, and dallas, with other cities to come. 


after inviting my online community to join me for 30 days of giving, accidentally, i founded the social movement #giveitforward, which strives to empower 1,000,000 people to give intentionally to one person in some way every day, with no strings attached.  

in 2018 i hosted the first ever life by design, not by default virtual summit that brought together 45 of the world’s leading experts and thought-leaders on lifestyle design, networking, career, and entrepreneurship. nearly 10,000 people participated in the live virtual event, with thousands more gaining value in the time since.


through my desire to continue connecting and learning while running multiple companies, the world has become my office. if i am not traveling in pursuit of my goal to visit every country, i am cuddled up with my cat watching the latest real housewives and eating dill pickles. 


i look forward to connecting, learning about your goals, and seeing how we can design the life you were meant to live!

past clients include:

so where do you start? 

the biggest thing, no matter where you are in your journey, is your network. 

i’d love to share with you my free guide "the 55 best questions to ask to break the ice and really get to know someone"

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from there, i’ll send notes periodically with helpful (and free) content to keep encouraging you to bust up the status quo and start living life on your terms.  


  it’s my mission to help a new generation live their lives by design and not by default.  

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