life by design, not by default.         

life by design, not by default

    life by design, not by default.         

life by design, not by default

what others are saying 

“i’ve known darrah for nearly a decade and she has been an inspiration to

me since the day i met her. rarely do you meet a person who is so giving of

her time, her thoughts and mentorship, and her encouragement. there were many

times in my entrepreneurial journey that i wanted to quit -- i didn’t feel respected

in my field, i wasn’t earning the money i felt i should be earning, i felt badly about

myself. every time i would call darrah and she would give me hope, ideas, and drive

to keep going. her faith in me, her willingness to connect me with people, to help

me all comes from the heart -- it’s not fake -- and it helped me to create an award-winning

podcast, successful online wine school, and sign my first major book deal!”

- elizabeth schneider, host of #1 downloaded podcast + founder of wine for normal people

“simply put, darrah brustein is a powerhouse. she is one of those rare

individuals who seems to be everywhere at once but still manages to be 100% present

wherever she is. to say it in more concrete terms, darrah is one of – if not the –

most focused professionals that i have ever met. she is as direct and pragmatic

as she is competent and insightful. what’s more, she manages to be generous with her

time, volunteering to share her skills and experience with others. i can’t imagine an area

where she wouldn’t shine – and for all of the best reasons."

rob hill, serial entrepreneur, investor, director at yale school of management’s chief executive leadership institute

“my interactions with darrah have cemented the validity of my wildest

dreams. she has challenged and empowered me. i recognize that my

impact is possible with integration and execution.”

- ronny turiaf, nba champion, 2-time olympian, and founder of the heart-to-heart foundation

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  it’s my mission to help a new generation live their lives by design and not by default.  


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